Daniel Basso Ribas

Data Scientist and Developer

Since I graduated in Statistics from the Federal University of Paraná in 2016, I have been looking for exercising this activity at a professional level. I am willing to help people make information-based better decisions. I have knowledge in the areas of Data Science and Information Technology.



Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR (Federal University of Paraná)
2011 - 2016
The Federal University of Paraná is one of only 36 universities in Brazil, which offers a bachelor's degree in Statistics (according to data from CONRE -3). The course has experienced teachers and has a strong computational orientation, mainly due to the Statistics and Geoinformation Laboratory . It is one of the most difficult courses in the university, with a dropout rate of over 50%.

Managment Science and Information System Studies

Trinity College Dublin
2015 - 2016
O Trinity College Dublin is consistently considered Ireland's top university and among the top 150 in the world by QS Top Universities . The institution has over 400 years of history as a reference in all areas of knowledge within the country. During the Exchange period, I participated in the subjects: Data Analytics, Statistical Inference I and II, Forecasting and Final Year Project. A description of the content of these subjects can be found below. Highlight for Data Analytics, where recent data mining techniques were taught, such as Bagging, Boosting, Random Forest, MARS / Earth, among others.

Data Science e Big Data

Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR (Federal University of Paraná)
2018 - 2019
The Data Science & Big Data course is a partnership between the Departments of Statistics and Informatics of the Federal University of Paraná. Such a partnership gives you the unique opportunity to learn and discuss all aspects of data science and big data with teachers who specialize in each step of Data Science's workflow . Combining powerful statistical analysis tools with technologies for storing and manipulating gigantic masses of data, leaving the student ready to thrive in the information age revolution.

  • Course website, containing information about the workload and syllabus.

Artificial Intelligence Training

Data Science Academy
Data Science Academy is a pioneer company in Brazil, regarding training in Data Science. The Aritifical Intelligence Training has 9 courses on the subject, totaling a workload of 448 hours. Courses range from Artificial Intelligence Introduction to Cognitive Systems, covering various topics on Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Graph Analysis, among others.

Training and Certifications

Toefl iBT

Educational Testing Service
Reading: 29/30
Listening: 30/30
Speaking: 23/30
Writing: 26/30

Total score: 108/120


Elaborata Informática
Training conducted by the company Elaborata Informática with a workload of 45 hours. It mainly covers the use of the MVC development model, error handling and the use of the Git versioning tool.

MySQL Database

Elaborata Informática
Training conducted by the company Elaborata Informática with a workload of 42 hours. It covers a range of subjects, from the fundamentals to server configurations.

Java and Java II

Elaborta Informática
Training conducted by the company Elaborata Informática with workloads of 12 and 60 hours, respectively. They cover the essentials of object-oriented programming, collections, polymorphism, inheritance, design patterns, database connection, and the Hibernate framework.

Machine Learning

Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR (Federal University of Paraná)
60 hours course offered by UFPR Statistics department. Covers fundamental Machine Learning techniques such as Support Vector Machine, Random Forest, Bagging, Boosting, Cross Validation, and more.

TIBCO Spotfire

Banco do Brasil S. A.
Training conducted by Banco do Brasil with 30 hours of workload. It covers all the fundamentals of the tool, used to create interactive dashboards containing data analysis.

Spring & Hibernate for Beginners

Online course available at Udemy with a workload of 31 hours. It covers the use of Java Spring and MVC frameworks, as well as the use of Maven.

Develop an application with Django 2.0 and deploy to Heroku

Online course available at Udemy with a workload of 7.5 hours. It covers the main foundations of the MVC framework using Django and how to deploy an application in the cloud (Heroku).

NLP - Natural Language Processing with Python

Online course available at Udemy with a workload of 11.5 hours. It covers the use of SpaCy and NLTK libraries for the analysis of textual data (tokenization, stemming, TD-IDF, etc.).

Lingua Skill General

Cambridge Assessment
Listening: 180+ (C1 or above)
Reading: 180+ (C1 or above)

Final Grade: 180+ (C1 or above)

NoSql (various courses)

Set of online courses available at Alura with an estimated workload of 66 hours. Covers the use of Redis, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch databases.

  • Certificates of the following training: Redis I: Storing keys and values; Redis II: Structures and Resources in Your NoSQL Database; MongoDB: An Alternative to Traditional Relational DBMSs; Elasticsearch: Searching and Analyzing Your Data; Elasticsearch 5: Advanced Searches.

React 1 e React 2

React courses available in Alura with estimated workload of 14 hours, respectively. They cover component creation and structuring, as well as app integration with APIs through Ajax requests.

  • Certificate of React Part 1: Reusable Components for Your Webapp;
  • Certificate of React part 2: Validation, Routing and API Integration.

React js. From the beginning. w/ Redux and React Router

Online course available at Udemy with a workload of 13 hours. It covers component usage, communication with APIs using Axios, React Router for creating links within the page and also application state management with Redux.

Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django - Beginner

Online course available at Udemy with a workload of 5 hours.It covers the creation of a Djnago App and the use of API Views and Viewsets.

Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django - Advanced

Online course available at Udemy with a workload of 8 hours. It covers utilizing Django with Docker, Test Driven Development, Travis among other topics.

Professional Skills

Main Skills

Web Development with Java and Spring Boot

Web application development, using as main Java technologies: JPA, Hibernate and Spring MVC.

Machine Learning & Data Mining with R and Python

Use of machine learning models (supervised or not) for forecasting and understanding of events. Bagging, Boosting, Random Forest, Support Vector Machine and more.

Statistical modeling with R

Creation of statistical analyzes through the R language with their integration into applications.
Simplified example of an interactive analysis using R

Other Skills

Python JavaScript HTML CSS PHP JavaScript Git MySQL English

Work Experiences

Banco do Brasil S/A


Developer and Data Scientist
(Technical Analyst)

After an internal selection which consisted of a technical assessment and interview, I join an Information Technology team in another internal unit of the Bank of Brazil, called Cenop Operations Curitiba.

I work with:

  • Development of software, back-end primarily in Java (with Spring Boot) and eventually PHP;
  • Front-end with Javascript / JQuery, CSS and HTML;
  • Statistical modeling and machine learning with Python and R;
  • Use of Sql DBMSs like MySql;
  • Creation of interactive dashboards for data presentation (Spotfire / Shiny);
  • Linux servers maintenance (Suse and CentOS).

Banco do Brasil S/A (Bank of Brazil)


2016 - 2018

After the exchange I was allocated to Cenop Serviços Curitiba; After a brief period of adaptation, early in 2017, I joined their development team, building software that is used by the center's teams to facilitate and automate their activities. Focus on web application development in Java. Also working with PHP development and MySQL database modeling.

Trinity College Dublin



Between August 2015 and August 2016, I held an exchange program at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. There, I had the opportunity to attend an academic internship with Dr. Jason Wyse, with the goal of refining the Latent Class Analysis technique for separating individuals into homogeneous groups.

Applied Statistics Laboratory (Laboratório de Estatística Aplicada)


2012 - 2014

In parallel to my work at Banco do Brasil, I volunteered for two years at the Applied Statistics Laboratory (LEA) at the Federal University of Paraná. The Laboratory provides statistical advice to research carried out at the Federal University of Paraná and other educational and research institutions, with the involvement of professors and students of the Statistics course. Consultancies are a unique opportunity to apply what is taught during the course in practice, as well as develop customer contact skills.

Banco do Brasil S/A


2013 - 2015

For the next two years I moved to an internal unit of Banco do Brasil called Cenop Serviços Curitiba, where the primary activity is to help defend the institution in lawsuits. During this period I had the opportunity to conduct various training of new employees and managers to carry out their activities, consolidating communication skills, teamwork and knowledge of banking products.

Banco do Brasil S/A

São José
dos Pinhais

Call center operator
2011 - 2013

Shortly after being approved at Banco do Brasil, I was allocated for the first two years at the Banco do Brasil Call Center, performing bank transactions, answering questions and clarifying procedures for clients. During this time I had the opportunity to develop communication skills, as well as learn about the Bank's products and operations.

Get in Touch

I work at Banco do Brasil, but I'm open for external proposals.

I can help with the following:

  • back-end development with Java and Spring Boot
  • Data analysis, mainly using statistical modeling and machine learning (R and Python)
  • Integration of data analytics into web applications

Drop me a line at bassosrd@tcd.ie or danielbassoribas@hotmail.com if you are interested.